SpiderJamie Carroll Theobald, PhD

December 2010: Theobald Lab
Department of Biological Sciences
Florida International University

Current: Research Associate, Frye Lab
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology
University of California, Los Angeles




Bee Flight:

Bee Landing Short

Bee Landing Long




Depending on light levels, a crepuscular Megalopta finds it easy or difficult to find her nest.


Second-Order Motion:

                                           Second-order motion stimuli



Stimuli used in second-order motion experiments. An animated comparison of first-order and second-order motion stimuli. This video is an online supplement to Theobald et al. (2008) Curr Biol 18(11):r464


Optic Flow:

                                           Optic Flow stimuli



Stimuli used in white-noise experiments. Sequences of perspective-corrected optic flow along cardinal axes projected inside a flight arena. Last segment shows roll modulated by a binary m-sequence.








all photos © Jamie C. Theobald